Monday, October 1, 2007

Matt Pond PA - Last Light

Modern blahcore is a diverse, intricate genre. Most fans don't realize that their band is blahcore until their favorite Threadless shirt gets stained at the show from the glitter and massacre of the teenie bopping, sorority girl in training spawns of Satan dancing like coked up chipmunks in front of the stage. While Matt Pond PA's latest.. work.. is one of the lushest, most intricate, and sonically pleasing blahcore albums I've heard in a good long while, it still can't escape its roots. Barely audible female vocals? Awkward call backs during the bridge? Random ass violins? Dumb lyrics ("Wild Girl")? Blahcore, blahcore, blahcore! Still, at times, it really transcends the dollar bin at Wal Mart. And that's why this album is so frustrating. At it's worst, it still is better than almost anything on modern commercial radio. At it's best, it is slightly better. Whatever.

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