Monday, October 15, 2007

Fiery Furnaces - Widow City

Half typical Fiery Furnaces, half Fiery Furnaces dressing up as the Ramones for Halloween, Widow City is weird. Think of it as an older, wiser Fiery Furnaces impersonating the younger, more spontaneous Fiery Furnaces. The first half is mostly Bitter Tea/Gallowbird's Park territory, while the latter half falls quickly into this amazing punk rock mash up with an actual no jokes drum set!

Tracks 2, 3, 4 all blend together in the trademark FF fashion, so play together if you want to. They are all similar, typical FF tracks. 3 is the highlight for this group.
Track 5 is this great fuzzy crunchy FF track. Really good, but goes on way too long.
Track 8 on begins to get more dissonant.
10 is my favorite track, as they have never quite been here before. Starts off with a great drum solo, continues on with a fuzzy electronic FF ode to punk. Short and abrasive.
12 is another standout track. Great hook, this is the one you'll be singing days later. Let's call it this albums "Birdie Brain"
13 is one of those that feels like it goes on forever, but not in a bad way. So many tempo changes, so many lyrical shifts.
14 sounds like freaking Patti Smith jamming out with new wave robots. It needs to be experienced.
16 has a minute and half "instrumental" opening. Rest of the song is a really structured yet spontaneous sounding free jazz affair with her singing clearly over top.

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