Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Foreign Born - On the Wing Now

As an album, On the Wing Now masterfully begins with a straight rip off of Arcade Fire, but quickly, slowly and subtly falls into a disenchanted neoshoegazing affair. It's only when, by the 9th track, when you want honey, that you even realize you're shoegazing. What an odd state of affairs. What's even odder is that it shoegazes, but not in a wall of sound/droning guitar kind of way. It merely is saturated in delay and reverb, along with amazing production values. None of this dream pop mumble jumble: these are real life, honest to goodness indie pop songs that dance at the gates of self indulgence. Foreign Born is Slowdive sexing up Arcade Fire on a park bench bathed in yellow sodium enriched light.

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