Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Dodos - Beware of the Maniacs

A one man band, who happens to have a drummer along the way, Meric Long proudly marches forth with the freak (folk) flag long established in California. Wait, let’s start over, this isn’t really freak folk at all. These songs are a man with a guitar played blisteringly fast, well, and very much in a blue(grass) tradition. Besides his technical virtuosity, the drumming adds a hauntingly hollow skeleton on which Meric sings wistfully, wails confidently, and plucks that guitar so prettily. Imagine the world’s loveliest beluga whale, in a deep blue aquarium, with a large maple dreadnaught guitar, and all the other sea creatures hammering out simple complex percussion as the kids gather around the tank, bopping their heads. Early Animal Collective, raw The Robot Ate Me, or Uncle Billy at your families last picnic after one too many opium hits, this is astonishingly fresh and rightfully raucous. Play all the damn time.

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