Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Down at the Orange Jubilee of Indie Music, on the menu sitting comfortably above Eclectic Noise Band and right below Post-Post-Neo-Contemporary-Post-Punk, you’ll find a nice, tall, refreshing ‘90s College Rock Revival Smoothie. Made from finely aged Dinosaur Jr licks, Pavement vocals, and early REM sensibilities, Carl John’s Charlemagne project goes well with everything. It’s crafted meticulously to make those on the verge of getting their first mortgage to feel the early pangs of nostalgia. If you have wanted to fight the mainstream, be a director to show the world your vision, or have thought that girls are hottest with Jennifer Aniston haircuts and Star Jones sized shirts in the past 15 years, this record is for you. When you are moving into your house and all of your

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