Monday, September 17, 2007

Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil

Every generation has their tragedies. What defines us is how we deal with these tragedies as a society. Once upon a time, the survivors of the Hindenburg were kept in terra cotta pots. Not too long ago, every family had their own image of their favorite cat floating on a door down the flooded Mississippi River, never to be seen again, matted and framed above the fire place. For our generation, we only have the mental images of the Black Lips guitarist pissing in his mouth and playing guitar with his own pecker. You didn’t have to be there; it’s an image that is collectively carried by us as a society. Oddly enough, the only way to erase these images is by spinning this disc. This perfect grungy punky invasion era brit pop southern anthem disc. It really is their best yet. It really is perfect. It really is punk as fuck.

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