Monday, November 5, 2007

People - Misbegotten Man

You know how people at Panera and Borders always "appreciate" jazz? No one ever admits to something so pedestrian as the verb "to listen".But, with People, I really do appreciate the music. (Some listening also happens.) I appreciate bands still willing to make challenging music. Rock hasn't been dangerous since the Ramones were used to sell Pepsi, maybe even longer. I appreciate how there isn't any art house stuff in rotation. I appreciate how this album sucks by any modern convention yet they still had the balls to not only record it, but to spend the money sending it to radio stations all over the country. Girl singer that moves erratically in and out of tune. Drummer who doesn't stretch or shrink time, he ignores it completely. Incomprehensible 17 syllable words and a a guitar that follows its own trajectory all together. Accepting them on their own terms, this album isn't spectacular. It gets tedious quickly. By the second song, you know all the tricks. By the fifth, you begin to feel dizzy. By the end, your ears start to bleed. But for radio use, I highly recommend playing at least one song a day. They do stand alone quite well, especially alongside a traditional verse-chorus-verse indie pop ditty.

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